Qins Business Software
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X windows:
It's not how slow you make it. It's how you make it slow.
The windowing system preferred by masochists 3 to 1.
Built to take on the world... and lose!
Don't try it 'til you've knocked it.
Power tools for Power Fools.
Putting new limits on productivity.
The closer you look, the cruftier we look.
Design by counterexample.
A new level of software disintegration.
No hardware is safe.
Do your time.
Rationalization, not realization.
Old-world software cruftsmanship at its finest.
Gratuitous incompatibility.
Your mother.
THE user interference management system.
You can't argue with failure.
You haven't died 'til you've used it.

The environment of today... tomorrow!
X windows.